Best Museums to Check Out in Oakland, CA

oakland museum of california

Oakland is one of the top travel destinations in California because of its awesome sports teams and fantastic culture: but the museums should also be a top reason!  Whether you’re more interested in art, science, or history, each of these locations helps you explore the world in ways you might not have otherwise.

Consider stopping in one of these fantastic locations soon!

Oakland Museum of California

If you want to get to know the entire state better, but from a more refined point of view, the Oakland Museum of California gives you a fresh look at the history, people, and art that made California what it is.  The Oakland Museum of California offers programs to teach the public at any age and offers hands-on and audio learning as well so that anyone can learn about how they could fit into this fantastic state.  

Chabot Space and Science Center

After a long day of looking at Oakland houses for sale, anyone could use a break!  The Chabot Space and Science Center offers everyone the chance to stop and take in the incredible beauty and science that is earth and the universe that expands beyond it.  The even mix of hands-on interactive exhibits and knowledgeable facts make sure you have a great balance of educational styles to pick from and that anyone can enjoy themselves here. 

African American Museum and Library

This museum and library in Oakland are dedicated to preserving the history, experiences, and culture of African Americans.  At home in downtown Oakland, it’s home to an extensive archival collection of everything from correspondence, diaries, photos, and periodicals, and it gives you a glimpse at what daily life has been like for black people in America for centuries.  This museum opened in 1900, and it’s still going strong in 2022.  

USS Potomac

Although touring a giant boat may not sound thrilling at first blush, visitors of the USS Potomac say they loved their visit and would come back time and time again.  Although the steadiness of the exhibit does rely on the surrounding waters, getting to walk around and enjoy the different sights within and outside of this ship gives you the opportunity to see what life might have been like for those who sailed within it not so long ago.  The knowledgeable staff is excited to show everyone around and answer any questions you may have. 

Oakland Aviation Museum

If you want to get into a quick museum surrounded by giant artifacts and pieces of history, it’s time to visit the Oakland Aviation Museum!  This museum is surrounded by planes, jets, and other aircraft that have flown all over the world and offers an opportunity to feel the amazing weight they’ve carried to push the world further.  This is a great museum regardless of how much you know about aviation. 

No Place Stuns Like Oakland!

Oakland is more than just gorgeous weather and awesome music; it’s history, art, culture, and one of the best travel destinations in the US.  Consider stopping into one of these museums the next chance you get. 

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